Privacy Policy

We value our Client’s privacy and believe in trusted relationship with our customers. We are a 10 yrs old design engineering and project management consultancy firm. We collect personal information of our clients which may include name, contact number, email address and the full scope of project.

We request our customer’s contact and profile information to market, support, update, and communicate with them about our services – in the most efficient manner possible. We never sell our customer’s data to any third party.

We do not use your information for any purpose outside the scope of communicating with you in regards to our design engineering services and project management consultancy that you have expressed interest in.

We usually track our services and support communications so that we can provide you excellent service and to help you accomplish your goals with the worlds most powerful & affordable CAD/CAM softwares.

The copyright for content provided by DeInde will remain the property of DeInde and the company does not allow its re-printing on any medium without a prior written permission.

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