Thermography Mapping

Thermography is a technique used to visualize the thermal patterns at the object’s surface. In application like data centers hotspots and faulty components can be very easily diagnosed. It has come a very quick and efficient for electrical, electronic components, boiler application, thermal insulation degradation analysis etc. For the precision temperature control and mission critical applications it gives to capability to precisely monitor and online rectification of problems.


  • Datacenter Thermal Mapping
  • Electrical Panels, Wiring
  • Boiler Applications
  • Scientific Applications
  • Temperature Critical Applications
  • HVAC air comfort analysis

Mechanical Thermography is the safest, non-intrusive and most efficient technique for identifying faulty & overheating components in mechanical equipment. Mechanical Thermography Survey enables you to prevent equipment failures and save hundreds of hours of wasted time in routine testing of components. Using Thermal Imaging technology to capture heat-generated images – Deinde’s Infrared Thermography Survey provides an instant , precise, non-contact analysis of plant & machinery condition to highlight faulty components such as bearings, motors, fuses, relays, steam pipes, drive gears & belts.

All identified problems becomes a part of Thermography report:

  • Highlights all faults & problem areas
  • Provides an assessment of fault severity
  • Offers engineer’s recommendations for required corrective maintenance
  • Includes accompanying photographs and thermal images of precise fault location